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Another useless journal.

Just like ma used to make!

The Boy Who Dreamed Of Electric Sheep
23 June
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I'm too lazy to fill this out right now. Deal with it.
*cackle*, attention duelists, beato, beatrice, beatroll, blue & cyan, brooklyn rage, cool story bro, cow tits, dante, dat ass, delicious candy corn, double stuffed oreos, ffffffffffffffffffffffuck, fuck, fuck fuck, fuck fuck fuck fuck, gary motherfucking oak, ghost nappa, i don't liek mudkipz, i'm a freak bitch, it's useless, magic, mahogany, mega flan, mmmm boobs, nyeh, raisin bran, sacrifice the zords, small bombs, sorcerers, the game, the world is garbage, uryuu, uso da, uso da!, uso-da, what, what is love?, what is man?, witches, you are incompetent, you steal men's souls